Thursday, April 28, 2005


So I went to turn my computer on at home Tuesday night and it wouldn't turn on. Nothing! The company I work for repairs pc's and they told me to bring it in on Friday and someone could look at it then. My hubby thinks it's either the switch or power supply. I just hope it can be easily fixed. My whole life is on that pc. All our pictures, our bank accounts, bills and balances, all my emails. I feel like I'm in that AOL commercial where nobody wants to back-up any of their info and wants to lose their pictures, etc. I have our recent pics on cd, but I had scanned in some older pictures before they put them on cd's and it would be a shame to lose those. I also have our checkbook backed up, but it's such a pain to reconstruct everything from the last back-up forward.

Anyway, I'll bring it in to the office tomorrow and pray for the best!

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