Saturday, October 06, 2007

10 years

Well, my husband and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary this last Thursday. Pretty amazing I must say! There came a time when I never thought we'd make it to 10 years, but now I know we will make it the long haul.

I think the key to a long and happy marriage is communication. Men are not mind readers and even if they were, they would not understand the things that go through a woman's mind! Wives need to communicate their wants and needs to their husbands without telling them what to do. And men, you need to just stop and listen to your wives and not think you need to fix everything! We are strong women: we carried and gave birth to your children, we work 40+ hours a week and keep the whole family's schedule going, we make most of the meals, clean up after everyone and still have time and energy for sex (granted not as often as husbands would like, but often enough). We do NOT need you to fix every little thing we tell you about!

That being said, it is very nice having a man around, especially one who is your best friend! Every year brings its own trials, heartaches and fights and every year we learn that much more about each other and grow that much closer. The key is communication and listening. Listening not only to what the other person is saying, but listening to yourself and how you say what's on your mind. That is the part I need to concentrate on right now. I am much better at voicing what's on my mind than I was 10 years ago, but sometimes it does not come across the way I intended it.

Here's to another 10 years! I love you Babe!