Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Musings

Wow, another amazingly blessed weekend thanks to our awesome God!! 

It was such a joy watching our daughter, Tori, play basketball Saturday morning!  She came out of her shell a little and made a basket during the first game.  It was great to see her getting into the game more than she has before!  This coming Saturday is the last weekend of games for the season.  It's such a joy watching our children learn and grow!

Sunday my husband Burt had a brand new worship experience planned for Peace UCC.  It was a visual learning service all about the sacrement of Holy Communion.  One of the key elements of the service was a sharing part where he asked members of the congregation to share their experiences of Holy Communion: who or what do you think about during Communion; where are some special places you've shared the sacrement; what does Communion mean to you.  It's always a little nerve-wracking planning for sharing time because you never know if anyone will share or not, but it was a beautiful experience.  People shared about taking Communion in Africa, on youth retreats, what was learned during a confirmation class many years ago, thinking about parents and our experiences as a child.  The other neat part of the service yesterday was a little section Burt wrote called "Created and Creating"  where he and our daughter prepared the Communion table while another congregant and myself took turns reading the creation story in Genesis and comparing it to a different part of the Communion Table and tying it all together in us right now.  It sounds like that wouldn't go together at all doesn't it?  Well, Burt has a wonderful way with words and an amazing gift of tying things together having it all makes sense for our every day lives.  (On a side note:  I truly believe that's what touches me with Lysa Terkeurst's ministry also.  Lysa and all her P31 sisters really bring the message of God to life for me wherever I am today.  You can check them out here: Proverbs 31 and Lysa Terkeurst)

Immediately after worship I met with the members who signed up for our book study on Max Lucado's most recent book, "Outlive Your Life".  We have a wonderful group of 10 members embarking on the DVD and book study journey with my husband and I over the next four weeks.

Also immediately following worship the church sponsored its annual "Souper Bowl" lunch.  We served chili, vegetable beef and some of my hubby's awesome creamy potato soup.  What a joy and blessing it was to work side by side with the wonderful people of our congregation!
After the wonderful lunch and clean up we went home to settle in for an amazing SuperBowl game last night:  Our home team, the Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The boys did not disappoint.  It was an amazing game to watch with our Packers pulling off the win after a rocky 2nd half.  The best part was during the interviews after the game when Pam Oliver was talking to Greg Jennings and his first comment was "To God be the glory"!  I LOVED that!!  I also love the christian attitudes of the majority of the Packer team.  Aaron Rodgers is a great example of a man living his faith.

Like I said, it was an amazing, blessed weekend.  Thank you God!