Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: Outlive Your Life - You Were Made to Make a Difference by Max Lucado

This is the most recent book by popular Christian author Max Lucado.  This book celebrates his 25th year in publishing and all of his royalties from the book and other Outlive Your Life products will be donated to World Vision.  How cool is that?!  It is written in Mr. Lucado's common everyday language that makes his books such a refreshing easy read for me.  I finished this book in 3 days which hasn't happened for a few years due to the ages of my children and the amount of activities we are involved in. This book got my attention with the opening fable of Father Benjamin and kept it all the way to the discussion and action guide at the end.  The book is based on the book of Acts.  It retells the story of the first christian church with present day examples of things every person can do both big and small to make a difference in this world even after we have departed it.

Mr. Lucado really shows us that everyone, even your average ordinary "Joe" can do something to make the world a better place and to leave a legacy behind.  Yes, God can use even you.  Whether it's saying a prayer for someone, sharing hospitality or adopting an orphan from another country EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to make this world better.  If I could recommend one book that everyone should read this year, this is that book.  This book has the potential to change the world one reader at a time.  Thank you Mr. Lucado, for giving us inspiration and hope!

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  1. I really loved Outlive Your Life and found it very inspirational! I'm sharing a copy with a friend today! I also wrote a review of it here:

  2. I loved the message in this book. When we see the poor starving children on TV we wish there were something real that we could do. We wish we could send them tons of money to help out, but in reality most of us don't have tons of money. But we can do something. Even something as little as inviting someone over for dinner is helping someone who may be eating alone. It just takes a little effort and the compassion to not turn a blind eye.
    The main idea of the book is that we are all God's people and by helping others we are doing God's work. There are many versus that Lucado uses to show how helping those less fortunate (or the Gentiles as the Bible refers to them) is doing God's work. Jesus was not turning a blind eye to these people, and if we are to do God's work neither should we.