Monday, April 26, 2010

Ah Spring! What have we been up to?

Wow, there is nothing like spring! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and activities are flying. :) We had 4-H Communications day last Sunday and the kids did great! They both gave a speech and performed and Tori modeled some clothes. The kids had their spring concert last Tuesday night. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Allison do such a great job teaching the kids! The kids are having fun with soccer and Uriah is excited to start baseball soon. Tori still loves trampoline and tumbling and was so excited when she took 3rd place at her first trampoline competition this spring.
Burt - well, he has been very busy with church work and Lions Club activities. He can't wait to start getting out on the golf course again soon and we are both looking forward to getting away on a family vacation this year!
Me - I'm enjoying all the kids' and church activities and I'm actually enjoying work. Sure it has its challenges, but I look forward to going every day and the days just fly by!
Tori and her 3rd place trophy in trampoline

Sumner-Fredericksburg Lucky Clovers at 4-H Communications Day
Great job everyone!
Tori playing "Ode to Joy" at Communications Day

Tori about to demonstrate how to make cake mix cookies

Uriah giving a speech about the Lightning War from WWII

Tori modeling her $3 outfit (including shoes!) for the 4-H $15 clothing challenge

Uriah, Jasper, Ethan & Avery at the spring concert

Uriah and his best friend Ethan during the spring concert
Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

5th Grade singing at spring concert

Kids' Easter dessert (adults got cheesecake)

Easter 2010

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